Bronze, Silver & Gold Tickets


Our Creamfields Bronze package gives you access to camp in the Bronze campsite** which features “proper” toilets and hot showers. (see below for details). Please note only those with a Bronze camping wristband can access the Bronze campsite.



Our Creamfields Silver package gives you access to camp in the Silver campsite** which features ‘proper’ toilets, hot showers, pamper parlour (with mirrors, hair straighteners etc) + free car parking. You will need to purchase a Creamfields Gold ticket if you wish to access the Hospitality Arena on site.


Creamfields Gold includes all of the advantages of Creamfields Silver plus access to the exclusive Hospitality Arena on site which will serve you up a complimentary hot meal each day, has ‘proper toilets’, indoor and outdoor seating areas, leather sofas, wooden flooring, plus access to various exclusive concessions and services including cocktails, Make Up and Hair and glitter tent***


* If you are purchasing a Creamfields Gold Day ticket – you get everything within the Gold Package (excluding the camping features) + free car parking.

**Gold, Silver and Bronze tickets do not include pre-pitched tent.

*** Chargeable