Café and Confectionery

Café and Confectionery

Casual coffee break or craving a delicious dessert? Try a bubble waffle, drizzled with chocolate sauce, or let the American stacked pancakes and Belgian chocolate brownies satisfy your sweet tooth.

Choose from a great selection of hot and cold drinks such as freshly ground coffee, perfect for your caffeine hit, hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows or a fresh fruit smoothie to detox and re-energise.

Little Bubble Box

We are proud to present Little Bubble Box as part of Creamfields Cuisine 2018, offering you an array of iconic tasty treats.

Make sure you try the ‘Little Bubble Waffle’, a very unique dessert, which is an authentic Hong Kong Waffle. “Little Bubble’s Waffle” will be finished off with chocolate or hazelnut sauce, (Nutella) various toppings like Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and some Asian toppings, such as Pocky sticks and Koala biscuit, along with cream or ice cream.

Treat yourself to a “Little Bubble Tea”, a Taiwanese tea-based drink innovated from various flavours such as milk tea, coffee, chocolate, matcha, mango and strawberry
with chewy tapioca balls.





Treaty Pie

Treaty Pie is a Liverpool based business selling the most indulgent desserts around. You can create your own home made Hot Cookie Dough, Cheesecake and Brownies, get creative with Ice Cream Sundaes and massive cups of Cake and Frosting!

Not to leave anyone out, there’s gluten free and vegan options too!
Everything is made with love in the Liverpool bakery because after all, a meal isn’t complete without dessert.