Meat Lovers


Make those calories count and fuel the 2-step. Creamfields Cuisine is proud to partner up with some of your favourite food outlets.

Whether it’s an Aberdeen steak burger straight from the grill, a home-made wood-fire baked pizza, or a freshly wrapped burrito, we have got a treat for you.


Jumping Bean Burrito

Hand wrapped burritos bursting with chilli beef, chipotle marinated chicken, melted cheddar cheese, tomato salsa, sour cream and jalapeños…sound good? Make sure you check out Jumping Bean Burrito, located in the main arena.

With a huge range of freshly prepared ingredients, build your own burrito or divulge in a platter of crunchy nachos packed with your choice of flavoursome fillings.


The Chicken ShoP

With its Latino hip hop beats playing throughout the day on a custom-made shipping container, Creamfields presents The Chicken Shop.

It isn’t just another catering unit, it’s an experience. Serving seriously funked up delicious fried chicken, you can’t go wrong at the festivals best Chicken Shop.