Sandwiches and Snacks

Sandwiches and Snacks

Grabbing a snack in-between sets or just feeling peckish?

Why not try a gourmet cheese toastie, crispy curly fries or some seriously funked up original fried chicken? You’ll be spoilt for choice with the scrumptious snacks available all around the festival site.

With a copious amount of culinary delights to choose from, Creamfields Cuisine has got you covered.

Holy Moly Macaroni

In 2018 Creamfields presents you with Holy Moly Macaroni. Their exciting and innovative menu, provides customers with a high quality and delicious end product made with fresh ingredients from scratch.

Keeping the queues moving, Holy Moly Macaroni knows that no one wants to spend their festival experience standing in line, so they ensure high quality with speed of service. Indulge in their mouth watering Macaroni dishes such as, Chilli Cheese Mac n Cheese, Streaky Bacon and Mom’s Vintage.

Cheesy Does It

For all those cheese loving festival goers, Creamfields is proud to introduce Cheesy Does It and their stand out gourmet cheese toastie wagon, for two purposes. Firstly to provide stupendously flavoursome toasties, a food they say that without trying you really haven’t lived. Secondly to be able to tailor this to offer this anywhere and everywhere.

Be sure not to miss out as this really is the ultimate festival food!