When it comes to innovative and cutting-edge production, no festival in the world leads the way like Creamfields, and the 2018 edition is no exception, as the fields of Daresbury welcomes a new landmark this year as the award winning festival has just unveiled SILO – the first truly 360 degree, stadium-like structure and the first of three all new arenas to be revealed this year.

After 12 months of planning, setting out to create a fully immersive structure, something dark, intimate and completely different to any other festival stage, SILO was born. A cylindrical chamber, with a bespoke sound and light experience, designed to envelope the audience as a result, offering a truly immersive 360 experience that will prove to be an all round assault on the senses.

From the days of the Roman Colosseum, experiencing live events “in the round” has been a sure-fire way to feel part of the action. The Silo structure builds on this concept by providing a 40m wide circular dancefloor, with towering walls and a vast cylindrical space and tiered viewing platforms giving festival goers a unique aerial view taking the party to the next level…literally! Despite a 360 wall of sound and custom video, 140 hybrid strobes and 80 moving lights, the show design will be simple: dark, underground and immersive offering a truly unique audio, visual experience.


Generator is another bold leap for Creamfields, a cavernous structure made of scaffold and shipping containers, giving the arena an industrial feel that has more than a few surprises in store. Building on the multi-tiered concept of SILO, several sections of Generator’s walls also double as viewing galleries, providing a unique experience unlike no other. The main structure is just the start though, as things really start to get interesting when it comes to the possibilites opened up by Generator’s very nature.

The abundance of scaffold and trussing that makes up the structure is also a production designer’s dream. As a result, Generator will provide an all-round spectacle that will include an enormous all- encompassing and multi-dimensional wall of LED screens at the stage end, not to mention an abundance of lights, lasers, and pyro that will span the length and bredth of the structure. Once again, the bar has been raised, with Generator proving that when it comes to pushing the limits of what is possible, Creamfields remains way ahead of the curve.


With new superstructures, arenas, and a mind-blowing line-up already filling the headlines in 2018, it’s hard to see where Creamfields can go next. Well how about something completely different, in celebration of 21 years as one of the world’s leading electronic music festivals Creamfields just got bigger as they open up an all new area this year nestled in the woods – Electric Oasis!

A carefully curated music and performance space exclusively for campers, set away from the main arena, the all new village features live music, chill out beds, hammocks, theatre, comedy and ‘alternative’ circus performers plus an arcade of suitably fitting concessions ranging from Transformation & Beauty booths, glitter studios, massage and rejuvination space and alfresco dining area. Expect a feast for the senses and leave your inhibitions at the entrance!

With less than 2 months to go until the big one, this is just the latest in a long line of exciting new additions to this years festival and follows news last week that there will be a series of special guest surprise sets happening each day this year! And with even more surprises still to come Creamfields 2018 is set to be its biggest yet!